Tax Flash No. 22/2012

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Order no. 1.529/2012 approving the model and content of Form (097) ”Notification for the application/termination of the VAT cash deferment system” was published in Official Gazette 707/2012

The form shall be filled in and submitted by taxable persons, as follows:

a) for registration in the Register of taxable persons applying the VAT cash deferment system (“the Registry”)

  • until October 25th, 2012, inclusively, if the turnover recorded in the period October 1st, 2011 – September 30th, 2012, inclusively, is below the threshold of RON 2,250,000;
  • until January 25th, 2013, inclusively, if the VAT registration was performed during October 1st, 2012 – December 31st, 2012 and the related turnover is below the threshold of RON 2,250,000;
  • until January 25th, if the turnover recorded in the previous year is below the threshold of RON 2,250,000, for taxable persons registering for VAT purposes after January 1st, 2013.

b) for exist the Registry

  • until 25th, inclusively, of the month following the fiscal period in which the taxable person obtained a turnover exceeding the threshold of RON 2,250,000.

Also, the taxable persons that will register for VAT purposes starting January 1st, 2013, will be registered, by default in the Registry and they will apply the system until exceeding the threshold.

In the absence of submitting form 097 for the above mentioned cases, the tax authorities will register / deregister the taxable persons in / from the Registry.

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