We have always looked at ways to ensure cost-effectiveness for the services offered to our clients and to adapt them to the demands of the business communities in which we are present. With this in mind, NNDKP is currently operating through four offices: Bucharest (its headquarters),  Timisoara (since 2004), Brasov (since 2007) and Cluj-Napoca (since 2011).

With the instrumental support of the colleagues in Bucharest, our teams in NNDKP’s regional offices deal with myriads of legal issues that arise during day-to-day business activities in areas such as labor law, corporate law, administrative law, civil law and real estate. Tax advisory services are also available through either our tax team in Timisoara or the Bucharest core team. If the legal & tax issues raised by regional operations require a  complex input, our clients in these regions may access expert advice through the Bucharest office on all legal and tax issues, whether transactional assistance or specialized assistance in intellectual property, competition law, energy law, environmental law, and data protection provided by our respective dedicated teams in Bucharest.

While we engage all efforts so that our clients reach amicable solutions to their business challenges, our litigation team is fully equipped to represent local entrepreneurs and multinational companies with presence throughout the country in commercial, administrative fiscal and labour disputes, as well as in insolvency proceedings. In these cases, our lawyers and consultants in the regional offices benefit from the support of our litigation team and other industry experts from our headquarters.

Bucharest Office



201 Barbu Vacarescu St.,
Globalworth Tower, 18th Floor,
District 2, Bucharest 020 276, Romania

T: +40 21 201 12 00
E: office@nndkp.ro

Timisoara Office

Adriana Gaspar, Overseeing Partner
Eva Forika, Local Coordinator
Delia Baroianu
Ion Loga
Catalin Artenie
Alexandra Burdulea
Alexandra Bob
Corina Roman

Tax Team

Marius Ionescu, Overseeing Partner
Daniela Pepa
Sorin Mociofan


10 Coriolan Brediceanu St.,
City Business Centre, Building B, 5th Floor,
Timisoara 300 011, Timis, Romania

T: +40 256 202 133
E: office.timisoara@nndkp.ro

Brasov Office

Sorina Olaru, Overseeing Partner
Sandor Gal, Local Coordinator
Adrian Ghilasi
Vlad Podoleanu
Elena Sandu
Denis Procopciuc


1 Ionescu Crum St.,
Brasov Business Park, Tower I, 3rd Floor,
Brasov 500 466, Brasov, Romania

T: +40 268 547 824
E: office.brasov@nndkp.ro

Cluj-Napoca Office

Emil Bivolaru, Overseeing Partner
Cristina Bidiga, Local Coordinator
Olguta Lazar
Daniel Hadar
Radu Bonea
Gabriela Danila
Raluca Maier
Sandra Oprescu
Stefania Ivan
Ovidiu Sterian


48 Dorobantilor St.,
Silver Business Center, 7th Floor,
Cluj-Napoca 400 117, Cluj, Romania

T: +40 364 229 000
E: office.cluj@nndkp.ro